A Michigan man broke a Guinness World Record when he performed a backflip that took him 62 inches off the ground.

Trey Collins, who graduated from Hopkins High School in 2020, said his backflipping skills and his vertical jumping abilities on the basketball court led him to begin working toward the world record during the summer.

Collins’ goal to beat was the record of 58 inches, which was set by Olympic gymnast Tyson Edwards in 2014.

Collins said he took care to follow Guinness’ rules, including filming his attempt from five different angles.

“Guinness offered to send officials to watch my flip but I would have had to pay for their travel and hotel,” Collins told WZZM-TV. “I couldn’t afford that so I just followed all the guidelines they sent me.”

Collins said evidence from his 62-inch flip has now been submitted to the record-keeping organization, which told him to expect a response in about 12 weeks.

“It was definitely a cool feeling,” Collins said of his attempt. “I didn’t really know how to react at first; I was just kind of shocked.”